Jeff Markin


There would be no Alive!! On Stage!! The Return of the Midnite Spookshow if an eight year-old Jeff Markin had not met Jack Baker, the original and most famous of all the Ghostmasters, Dr. Silkini.

It could be argued that Jeff’s entire career was shaped by that one moment. He kept waiting for someone to make a definitive documentary about the nomadic showmen, and in 2013 he decided to put his film degree and 14 years in television to better use and make the film himself.

“I never wanted to be known as a documentary filmmaker,” Markin said. “But no one was making the movie I wanted to see.”

A life-long fascination with the horror illusionists and B-horror movies gives Jeff a unique perspective and tremendous qualification as an expert on Spook Shows, horror hosts, and the evolution of horror from creepy to cool in popular culture.

Jeff is also the father of two, and his daughters are thrilled to see dad behind the camera again.